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Welcome to Preventive Care And Wellness Services

Here at Preventive Care and Wellness Center, we believe that the Word of God is Medicine to your body, soul (mind and emotions), and spirit. Because spiritual wellness, healthy eating, emotional and mental health are foundational in treating and curing diseases, we focus on a lifestyle approach to get to the root cause of your disease, rather than treat the symptoms with medicines.

Did you know that you can treat and manage diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problem, and many other diseases using a lifestyle natural approach? If you are ready and willing to put some effort into a lifestyle program, we are here to help you see results.

We understand that your disease can be brought on by multiple factors such as genetics, unhealthy lifestyle practices, poor eating habits, toxic relationships, uncontrolled stress, and emotional, mental and spiritual distress. Hence we undertake a comprehensive lifestyle approach to assess and diagnose your specific problem in order to design an individualized lifestyle program suitable for you, because we are aware that one size does not fit all.

If you are not ready or interested in a comprehensive lifestyle program, we will still help you to manage your health problems.

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